No to “zero-tolerance”

June 21, 2018

A Message from San Diego Pride:

San Diego Pride is appalled and disturbed by the implementation of the “zero-tolerance” policy and the drastic shift in asylum policy at our U.S. border. The right to seek asylum is protected by both U.S. and international law, and we oppose the inhumane treatment and human rights violations of individuals, children, and families currently happening in our country.

San Diego Pride stands with our colleagues and fellow human rights advocates at the ACLU, Florence Project, Families Belong Together, Immigration Equality, and other organizations who are working tirelessly to ensure the basic human rights of all immigrants – including and especially children who have been ripped from their parents’ arms. We know that these harsh immigration policies, such as the directive from Sessions to restrict asylum access for victims of gang and domestic violence, disproportionately affect the most marginalized among us, including LGBTQ individuals and families. When we say that families belong together, we mean ALL families.

There will be a rally in San Diego on Saturday, June 23rd at 10am at Civic Center. San Diego Pride will be there, and we hope you will join us.

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If these human rights abuses are still ongoing by Pride weekend, July 13-15, San Diego Pride will use our platforms at the Spirit of Stonewall Rally and the Pride Parade to decry these abuses and hold our elected and appointed officials and federal law enforcement institutions accountable.


About San Diego Pride

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