Pride 2014, July 18 - 20

rainbowinParadeGiving in the Community 

"What does San Diego Pride do with the money it raises?"  

Since 1996, San Diego Pride has given over $1.4 million to our community. (click here to see list)

San Diego Pride has a long history of community philanthropy and has established a 5-prong approach to giving to the community.

Grant Funding:

San Diego Pride has worked with both the San Diego Foundation for Change and the Human Dignity Foundation to fund grants that directly impact the LGBT communities in San Diego.  San Diego Pride has awarded the San Diego Foundation for Change $192,940 and the Human Dignity Foundation $220,000.

Direct Community Support:

San Diego Pride gives direct community support by purchasing tickets and sponsoring a wide variety of events that are a primary means of fundraising for many community organizations. On an average, Pride gives $15,000 each year in direct community support. 

Support of Other Prides:
San Diego Pride recognizes the importance of the many Pride events that are held each year in San Diego. San Diego Pride has supported Ebony Pride, Latin Pride and North County Pride, not only by making donations to these organizations, but by sharing our experience and skills when needed.  

Support of the LGBT Center:

San Diego LGBT Pride has had a long and rewarding relationship with The Center. Recognizing the importance of The Center to the entire LGBT community, San Diego Pride remains committed to supporting the ongoing efforts of The Center. San Diego Pride has donated over $625,000 to support The Center's vital services and programs.


Pride partnerships are formed with community organizations whose membership desire a larger participatory role in the Pride Weekend events.  On a yearly basis, community partnerships receive $25,000 raised through ticket sales, water and coffee sales, and other festival activities.  

When you participate in the annual San Diego Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Pride celebration, you are supporting many community organizations that are vital to the health and well-being of the entire LGBT community.

Thank You!


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