May her memory be a Revolution

Rest in peace. Rest in power. These are the words that may have been immediately called to mind upon hearing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death on Friday, September 18th.  However, in Jewish tradition – in Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s tradition – the offering of…

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Over the last week here in California there has been a resurgence of tired accusations around our community blanketly marking us as predators and pedophiles. Media outlets and anti-LGBTQ politicians have been willfully spreading lies and misinformation about members of our community without taking…

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Love for Christopher

Like many in our community, I am feeling the loss of Pride Family member and friend Christopher Sheehan. While I got to know Christopher through Pride, he was someone who volunteered for so many of our local organizations like Diversionary Theatre, Gay for Good,…

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Honoring our Volunteers

Every August, after the massive Pride celebration, we throw a party for the people who make Pride week and our year-round programs possible – our volunteers. We’ve seen incredible growth in the last couple of years and in 2019 nearly 800 Pride Family volunteers…

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LGBTQ+ Youth Leadership

It’s back-to-school time, at least in a way that 2020 is letting us have a back-to-school time. Guardians, educators, and students are each doing their best to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, navigate the digital divide, attempting to create and engage in an educational…

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CW: Support Survivors

As a sexual assault survivor, I know all too well the challenges we as LGBTQ people face accessing culturally competent services and care. When attempting to recover from something so painfully horrific, coming in contact with law enforcement, mental health services, or healthcare providers…

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