July 18-19

We need more Love Warriors

Back in 2008, in San Diego, during the course of the entire No on 8 campaign, only around 9,000 volunteers took part in the campaign that entire year as we fought to protect our freedom to marry. One of the challenges organizers faced when…

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Nominate your Inspiration

The first time I went to the Spirit of Stonewall Rally was in 2000. It was only a few weeks before that I had been homeless and living in my car. I was from the rural border town of El Centro and didn’t know…

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Youth Art as Advocacy

This hyperpolarized political climate is taking its toll on our country and our movement. Too often, at the epicenter of anti-LGBTQ attacks are our youngest community members, whether it is increased bullying in schools or the rising number of anti-LGBTQ pieces of legislation that…

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We found their Anti-LGBTQ playbook

We all know that voting is important. For the last few years, our community and other marginalized communities have been feeling the consequences of dramatic backward sliding policy shifts put forward by elected officials who do not reflect the values of diversity and equity.…

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Our 2020 theme is…

It’s only the beginning of 2020 and we already know the road ahead of us this year will be a challenging one, to say the least. We’re living through a hyperpolarized time that has us witnessing a rise in fear, hateful rhetoric, and an…

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2020 Pride Dates

2020 is upon us! While I know together we will continue to face the challenges of fear, hatred, discrimination, and violence, so too will we build community, find love, and join in celebration. I look forward to a new year with you all as…

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