Access Guide to San Diego Pride

SAN DIEGO PRIDE is dedicated to ensuring all of our guests experience a wonderful weekend. To this end, we have created an array of features designed to make the Festival accessible to everyone. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to have a safe and memorable Pride.

For Information and Assistance: Prior to the Festival, please visit the Accessibility section of our website or email us at [email protected].

At the Festival, please look for volunteers wearing stickers indicating they have received Accessibility Awareness Training or go to the Access-ability Booth located on the southwest corner of Juniper and Balboa Drive, just west of the crossroads.

Please help us improve our services by telling us what you think about this guide! Email [email protected], or visit the Access-ability Booth.

For Festival Entrance: Guests with disabilities may be accompanied by a companion, who will be given free admittance to the festival in order to provide assistance. Proof of disability may be requested. For assistance with accessibility-related questions, or to request a rental wheelchair or assistance, look for our Team Accessibility volunteers, stationed at both the Main and Juniper gates.

Service dogs, who accompany their handler with a disability, are welcome. Emotional support dogs, with appropriate documentation, are also wellcome. Please see the “What is a Service Dog?” information on the Accessibility section of which describes the documentation you need.

For more information: Visit our Access-ability Booth located on the westside of Balboa Drive just south of the crossroads.

For those with learning disabilities: Key areas of Pride will have signs indicating a particular booth’s title which matches the signage on your Pride map, allowing guests to find their way regardless of language differences or learning disabilities.

For our Deaf and Hard of Hearing guests: Interpreters will be available full-time at the Main Stage as well as other locations throughout the festival. If an Interpreter is not at a desired location, stop by the Access-ability Booth, located on the south side of Juniper Street just west of the crossroads. Services for the Deaf-Blind available upon request.

Check it out! ASL World offers a place for the Deaf and hearing community to gather, relax and socialize. You can find ASL World on Juniper Street, located between Volunteer Village and the Information booth.

For guests with physical disabilities: At the Access-ability Booth, you will find a power wheelchair recharging station, manual wheelchairs for loan, and a map indicating all ramps and safe passage routes. Because ramps can be hard to see beyond a crowd of people, flags are positioned above each ramp to indicate their location and what each ramp leads to. Please be aware that some areas of the Festival are unsafe for wheelchair travel and are indicated with clear signage.

For guests with sight impairments: At the Access-ability Booth you can find our large print guides, a Braille guide, a tactile map of the Festival, and information on requesting human/companion guides. We have also compiled a variety of information on our Accessibility page at, which provides an alternative to some of the print information distributed at the festival. Services for the Deaf-Blind available upon request.

To assist those who are sight impaired with navigation, we have crafted descriptions of key booth locations as well as detailed information about the free shuttle. It can all be found on the Accessibility website or in the large print and Braille abridged program guides.

For those 50+ or with disabilities: Come in out of the heat, relax, have a cool drink of water and munch on snacks (while supplies last) at one of two Senior Cool Zones (SCZ) within the festival grounds. On the upper level, you will also find a variety of agencies distributing information on the aging process. The SCZs are sponsored by FOG (Fellowship of Older Gays) and Stellar Care at Collwood Terrace.

Special Thanks to the following businesses for their continued support of accessibility and San Diego Pride. Thanks to you, we have been able to create a more accessible, safe Pride for everyone!

  • Ashley Medical
  • CLIP Interpreting

Acceptable Forms of Proof of Disability

  • Medicare card (No non-disabled individual under the age of 65 will possess one)
  • Valid Senior/Disabled ID card issued by MTS, NCTD or equivalent
  • DMV Placard/Proof of disabled placard or ID card issued by California Department of Motor Vehicles or equivalent from another state
  • Card endowing specialized admission privileges to state or federal parks based on disability status
  • Letter from a physician