Complete List of Festival Accessability Features

For General Access
  • The Information Booth is staffed by people who are trained to provide individuals with disabilities the assistance they may need to enjoy all the Music Festival offers.
  • Volunteers specially trained inaccessibility will be wearing blue shirts for easy identification.
  • Access-ability guides are available at the gates, the Information Booth, the Access-ability Booth, ASL World, and the Community Resource Tent.
  • Key booths have symbolic signage that matches the Festival map symbols.
  • Companion guides are available upon request at the ticketing booth, gates or Access-ability booth.
  • A person with a documented disability can bring an assistant, free of charge, who will supply supportive services.  Please read our Companion Policy.
  • Service dogs are welcomed guests when they accompany their handler with a disability.
  • Emotional support dogs are welcome with documentation.  For more details, please read  our Paws at Pride Policy.
  • An Accessible Shuttle that provides the same service as the traditional shuttles is available. Please read  our Shuttle Information.
  • Senior Cool Zones (SCZ) have been created for those who are 50 and better or have a disability to relax and recharge.  Thank you to our community partner FOG (Fellowship of Older Gays) for bringing these areas to life.
For Those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  • ASL interpreters, provided by Deaf Community Services can be requested at the Information Booth.
  • ASL Interpreters are stationed at key areas throughout the Festival.
  • Interpreters specializing in Deaf-Blind communication are available at the Information Booth.
For Individuals with Physical Access Needs
  • Maps indicating ramp location and safe-travel routes for wheelchair users are available at the Information Booth.
  • Flags above ramps view-able over the crowd to aid in location of ramps.
  • Posted signage indicating of routes unsafe for wheelchair travel.
  • Station to recharge power wheelchairs at Access-ability Booth.
  • Free Loan of manual wheelchairs at the gates and at Access-ability Booth.
For People with Sight Impairments
  • Tactile map at the Information Booth.
  • Annotated list of booths.
  • Large-print and Braille Performance and  Workshop Schedules available online as well as at the Information Booth.
  • Shuttle information written specifically for individuals with sight impairments.
  • Description of Festival grounds including key booth locations written for individuals with sight impairments.
  • Deaf-Blind services can be requested at the Information Booth.
For Further Information

Please explore the links below, and if you have further questions, email us at [email protected].