Companion Policy Note

San Diego Pride has trained individuals to assist people with disabilities attending the Music Festival.  These individuals can be easily identified by their blue accessibility shirts and approached throughout the Music Festival grounds. 


They can also be specifically requested at the Festival entrances or the Information Booth, located at the northwest corner of the intersection of Juniper Road and Balboa Drive, which is known as the Crossroads.


Our blue-shirted volunteers are able to guide individuals with sight impairments, accompany people with cognitive or intellectual disabilities who might want someone who knows the Music Festival inside out, assist those with mobility impairments who may need help acquiring and carrying food, negotiating the crowds or getting written materials from booths that have inaccessible layouts, push manual wheelchairs, provide a buffer for autistic individuals or those living with mental health disabilities and be a friendly and helpful presence.


Our companions are not able to assist with bodily functions such as eating or toileting, handling money unless a third party is present and observing, dispense medication or physically move an individual via lifting or carrying.  Should you need such assistance or feel more comfortable with a familiar person, you may bring a person of your choosing to the Music Festival free of charge. 


At the Festival entrance you may be asked to provide proof of disability.  Please have an item from the following list with you.  

  • Medicare card (No non-disabled individual under the age of 65 will possess one)
  • Valid Senior/Disabled ID card issued by MTS, NCTD or equivalent
  • DMV Placard: proof of disabled placard or ID card issued by California Department of Motor Vehicles or equivalent from another state
  • Card endowing specialized admission privileges to state or federal parks based on disability status
  • Letter from a physician

If you have further questions, email us at [email protected].