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Often people with disabilities experience challenges when dealing with security screenings. It is our hope that we can provide you with some information that will make your security screening and bag search a smooth process. In preparation, please read our list of Prohibited Items at the end of this information.

The screening and bag searches will be done by CSC, a professional company with significant experience with large events, including the Superbowl, inaugurations and the World Series. Hiring a company with an excellent reputation and extensive experience should make the screening process as unobtrusive as is possible.

At the Spirit of Stonewall Rally, CSC will be using wands only. At the Music Festival, metal detectors will be the primary method of screening, but wands will be used if specific circumstances, including an inability to go through metal detectors or a need for additional screening, is present.

For your convenience, a specific lane at each gate has been set aside for anyone with accessibility needs, as well as for those who are VIPs. At the Main Gate on Balboa Drive, the lane for accessibility is the furthest to the west. At Juniper, the lane is the furthest north. People with accessibility needs are NOT required to use the accessibility lane, but it is probably in your best interests.

The following list addresses some common issues that may be of concern to you:

*If you are unable to go through a metal detector, please let the screener know this. There is a wand available in the accessibility lane as an alternative method of search. If you have supporting documentation, such as a note from a doctor or a TSA card, please bring it with you.

*If you are accompanied by a service dog, their leash or other items they wear may set off the detectors. This means your dog may be subject to a wand scan or physical pat down.

*Wheelchairs are made of metal and will set off the detectors. A wand scan may prove to be ineffective as a screening method as well. You may need to have a physical search. A private area is available for this process and there will be both a male and female person present during it.

*If you are Deaf and feel your communication needs will best be addressed by having an ASL interpreter present, please request one from the screener or one of the Accessibility Team members that will be stationed in the gate area, wearing a blue Pride shirt.

*If you feel your physical safety is at risk from a physical search, we do have medical staff on site and they can be requested. Please be patient as they are not stationed near the gates.

*Wheelchairs, crutches, walkers and other assistive devices are subject to search.

Items Prohibited Within Festival Grounds 

*Laser pointers
*Air Horns, or other noisemakers
*Illegal drugs
*Outside Beverages (All reusable water bottles or canteens must be empty.)
*Bicycles (There is a secure area for storage outside festival grounds.)
*Skates, and Skateboards
*Un-Approved Pamphlets, Handouts or Advertisements
*Pets, Except for Service dogs and documented emotional support dogs