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Name of Event: Bare: A Pop Opera
Date: July 2 – August 3
Location: Diversionary Theater
Address: 4545 Park Blvd. San Diego, CA 92116
Cost: $30, w/ID: Students $20, Military & Seniors $27
For the July 17th Pride Night performance you can get a $10 discount when you use the code BAREYOURPRIDE!
More Information: Bare: A Pop Opera
Description: A group of teens in a Catholic boarding school wrestle with big questions about who they love, who they are, and who they answer to. As these young people take the leap from adolescence to adulthood, despite the fear of what’s on the other side, they must learn to look for the answers within themselves.
Name of Event: 2014 San Diego LGBTQ Spiritual Summit
Date: Saturday, August 2nd
Time: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Location: The Center, 3909 Centre Street, San Diego, CA. 92103
Contact Name: Rev. Jerry Troyer
Phone: (619)403-0865
Email: [email protected]
More Information: 2014 Spiritual Summit
Description: An interactive conversation featuring a panel of faith leaders from different denominations and traditions discussing the evolving ace of LGBTQ spirituality.