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An Imperial Valley native, Tiffany Gonzalez made her home in San Diego after serving 7 years in the United States Navy (under the former DADT policy) as a nuclear power program operator and engineer. Now a disabled veteran, Tiffany dedicates much of her time and efforts to learning and advancing different avenues of aid for veterans, the LGBT community, and those who suffer from chronic health issues. This passion led her along with a few close friends, to launch a locally veteran operated non-profit resource and support organization. Always striving to promote equality and provide assistance, Tiffany was honored to assume the role of co-chair of the board of San Diego LGBT Pride and work alongside other local LGBT professionals in providing transparency and stewarding our community's organization. When she is not chasing her endless endeavors, Tiffany spends her time chasing her charming 4 year old son, Sam (a future advocate for equality).