In addition to putting on this region’s largest civic event, San Diego Pride delivers vital LGBT community-focused education, advocacy, and organizing year-round. Our programs help build community for youth, seniors, women, communities of color, and others while building LGBT leadership capacity globally. At San Diego Pride, 84 cents of every dollar goes directly to our programming.

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San Diego Pride’s Philanthropic Values Statement

San Diego Pride is one of the most philanthropic pride celebrations in the world. With funds raised through annual festival revenue, grants, and through the generosity of dedicated donors we seek to advance our mission to foster pride, equality, and respect for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities locally, nationally, and globally. We have funded not only our own education and advocacy programming but also distributed nearly $2.5 Million to other LGBTQ-serving programming that seeks to strengthen the LGBTQ community.

At San Diego Pride, we have committed to:

  • Distinguishing San Diego Pride as an organization that is worthy of investment of time, talent, and resources by volunteers, performers, community members, foundations and corporations.
  • Pursuing our mission for justice with joy, and a commitment to our vision of a world free of prejudice and bias. We believe that philanthropic engagement is critical to achieving both our mission and vision.
  • Conducting our business with the highest degree of integrity, following current best practices in fundraising.
  • Engaging our community in our programs as volunteers, artists and performers, ticket buyers/attendees, advocates, and donors.
  • Articulating the stories of our impact both verbally and in collateral materials with professionalism and enthusiasm.
  • Creating valuable connections by being responsive to volunteers, attendees, advocates and donors in providing information about our programming.
  • Conveying authentic appreciation to our donors throughout the year. Acknowledging donations promptly and appropriately.
  • Valuing the involvement of all our patrons through benefits and stewardship to attract and retain them.
  • Remaining current on local, national, and global trends in philanthropy and nimbly respond to challenges and opportunities in our environment.
  • Engaging our board members and volunteers in ways that encourage their participation and involvement in the development process.
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