Election Defenders


Election Defenders

Election Day is almost here! Take action with us to protect voters, equality, and racial justice.

San Diego Pride is joining with our partners from around San Diego and Imperial Counties to protect voters during election weekend (Saturday, October 31 – Tuesday, November 3). Pride is part of a multiracial, multi-issue coalition led by ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties and Engage San Diego to coordinate efforts during this vital election cycle.

Election Day Defenders is a national, Black-led, nonpartisan effort to ensure every polling place is safe, reliable, and accessible to all. Our role as Election Defenders is to provide
In-person voter care and de-escalation outside vulnerable polling locations throughout San Diego County
Remote support in the days leading up to and on the day of the election.

Please take into account your own comfort level, health, and safety in choosing to join us. There will be roles to play remotely or at home as well as physically at polling locations. The goal is to keep all voters (and ourselves) safe and motivated to stay in line until they cast their ballot, and everyone is welcome and needed!

Our focus will be on voters as they wait in line, keeping energy up and ensuring everyone gets to vote, though de-escalation might be a possibility. Election Defenders has created an incredible online training series and other resources that all volunteers will be required to watch prior to their shift, so you will have the skills and knowledge you need. You will also be part of a positive community of people across the nation working to support all voters in this historic moment.

Will you sign up to be a San Diego Election Defender with us from October 31 through November 3rd?

How To Sign Up:

  1. Email us at [email protected] to let us know that you will be signing up to join San Diego Election Defenders
  2. Register and take the Election Defenders trainings (live or recorded) at tinyurl.com/yylmorre
  3. Follow instructions in the training sign-up in order to access the Election Defenders Slack workspace, which is where they will coordinate their efforts, and be sure to join the #california-san-diego channel
  4. After completing the training sign-up, watch all 4 trainings from Election Defenders and await instructions for your assignments, which will come via email and Slack. Keep in mind, when combating disinformation and voter intimidation, situations may arise and change quickly – we may need to be nimble and flexible in when and where Election Defender volunteers are needed.

Reach out to Jen and Olga at [email protected] if you have questions – we hope to see you this weekend, either remotely or at the polls!