Pan/Fluid/Bi+ Support Group

Pan/Fluid/Bi+ Support Group

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This event is hosted by Ambi.

The PanFluidBi+ group is a safe place to explore what is happening in your life. You are not alone. Others have unique but similar feelings and experiences.

The PanFluidBi+ group is a place for us to talk about our feelings, our identities, and our relationships. All of us are in a different place. We are here to listen and support, not judge, or give advice unless that is what you ask for. Let’s be kind to each other and respectful.

Not everybody is out of the closet. Respect that. Keep confidentiality. Once you leave the room, don’t identify to others who was there and what they said. We DO want you to talk about your feelings with your significant others and friends. You can say “We talked about THIS and somebody said THIS” but don’t say who said what.

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Recurring times:

March 3rd
March 17th