Queers in Sports

Queers in Sports

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While the number of pro athletes to come out as LGBTQ has seen a notable increase over the last several years, the world of professional sports still has a way to go to become more inclusive and welcoming to the LGBTQ community.
From the Anti-Trans policies, many leagues still hold to the commonplace homophobic language on the fields, today’s athletes continue to face challenges and discrimination. Join us for this panel discussion as we talk to Former pro-golfer Maya Reddy, San Diego Loyal Soccer Player Collin Martin, and Former MLB Player Billy Bean about the challenges they’ve faced and how they hope to change the game for good.

Follow Collin Martin’s Journey on social media here: @sandiegoloyal Or On Instagram & Twitter here: @cm7md & @martcw12

Follow Maya Reddy’s Journey on Instagram & Twitter here: @Mayasreddy & @Mayareddy

Follow Billy Bean’s Journey on Facebook & Instagram here: @BillyBean & BillyBeanBall

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