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Take Pride in the Environment! In honor of Earth Day, Pride is partnering with Urban Corps to collect electronic waste in an effort to mitigate Festivals costs. To donate your electronic goods please drop them by the Pride office from now until Earth Day.

Earthg Day e waste squareWhere: 3620 30th St., San Diego, CA., 92104
When: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Acceptable Items Include:
All Computer Peripherals
Backup Drives
Car Stereos
Cell Phones & PDAs (with batteries Removed)
Compact Disc & Tape Players
Computer Speakers
CRT Monitors, Televisions
Digital Cameras
Electronic Cables
Fax Machines
Hard Drives
Keyboards or Mice
Laptop & Computer Power Supply Units
Laptop PCs
Laser Scanners
Light Emitting Diode (LED) Monitors & Televisions Plasma Televisions
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Monitors & Televisions
Main Frame Computer
Multi-Function Devices
Network Equipment
Power Cords and Power Strips
Printed Circuit Boards
Speakers (Non-Wood Speakers Only)
Stereo Equipment
Telecom Equipment
VCRs & DVD players & Recorders
Video Game Consoles
Zip Drives

Please DO NOT donate kitchen appliances or the following items:

All Lamps and Fluorescent Light Bulbs, incandescent Light Bulbs, and Christmas Tree Lights
All Non-Electronic Waste – Items that do not have BOTH a circuit board and a power cord
All Wood, including wood-encased Stereo Speakers
Batteries: household (AA, AAA, DD, etc.) and Car
Contaminated Electronic Waste such as medical equipment that has not been de-contaminated (upon approval)
Hazardous Household Waste, including Paint, Pesticides, Used Oil, Cleaning Supplies, Propane Tanks, Fire Extinguishers, or Tires
Household Items: Furniture, Thermostats, Cordless Power Tools, Toys, Irons, Smoke Detectors
Large Household Appliances such as, Refrigerators, Washer and Dryers, Stoves, Ovens, Water Heaters, Air Conditioners, etc. (upon approval)
Solar Panels (upon approval)
Techno-Trash including: CD’s/DVD’s, VHS, Beta, Cassettes, DAT Tapes, Memory Sticks, & Floppy Discs