InterPride GM&WC 2023 Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Here

What airport should I fly into?

You have two options in our border city: 

  1. Fly into San Diego International Airport (SAN). Our airport is right downtown and close to the host hotel! 
  2. The Tijuana International Airport (TIJ) may be more cost-effective for some travelers. Cross Border Xpress (CBX) is an excellent and easy way to walk directly across the border once you arrive at the Tijuana airport. (Be sure to research any restrictions or additional paperwork you may need to complete if you are not a Mexican or US citizen and are transiting through Mexico.)

How do I get from the airport to the host hotel?

We recommend a ride-share, taxi, or public transportation. 

From SAN: 

  • A bus trip (MTS) will take approximately 20-25 minutes and cost $2.50 USD per rider. 
  • A ride-share (Lyft, Uber) or taxi will take approximately 10-15 minutes and may cost between $10.00 USD and $25.00 USD (subject to surge pricing). 

From TIJ: 

  • A bus trip (MTS) will take approximately 2 hours and cost $6.00 USD per rider. 
  • A ride-share (Lyft, Uber) or taxi will take approximately 30-45 minutes and may cost between $30.00 USD and $50.00 USD (subject to surge pricing).

Where can I get a SIM card for my phone?

If you are an international attendee and want to use your mobile phone, you may need to purchase a local pre-paid SIM card, or a pre-paid Global SIM card. Global SIM cards allow you to roam across a number of different countries, on different networks, with a single SIM card. You may be able to purchase a global SIM card before you leave your home country. Here are some places to purchase a SIM card once you arrive in San Diego:

  • At the San Diego Airport:
    • Some stores within the airport sell travel SIM cards. Inquire with a San Diego Airport Ambassador before leaving the secure terminal.
  • Near the host hotel:

It’s important that you check before you leave your country whether or not your mobile device is locked to a particular network and if so, make arrangements for it to be unlocked so that you are able to activate an international pre-paid SIM once you get here, as usually you need to have your phone unlocked prior to leaving your home country.

I plan to drive to San Diego and/or get a rental car. Can I park at the hotel?

Parking is available for an additional cost. Please find the hotel’s parking rates here. Guests may choose to park at a nearby parking lot or garage instead. 

How else can I get to San Diego?

  • Train: You can take a train to the Santa Fe Depot and take public transportation, taxi, or a ride-share to the host hotel. 
  • Bus: You can take a bus to the Greyhound bus station and take public transportation, taxi, or a ride-share to the host hotel. 

Getting around: What ride-share apps do you recommend?

San Diego is served by both Uber and Lyft. 

Getting around: What public transportation is available in San Diego?

Public transportation (MTS) is available via bus or trolley. While it may take longer than a car ride to get to your destination, public transportation is generally cheaper than other options (e.g. ride-shares or taxis). 

Attendees can use MTS’s Trip Planner tool to find their best routes. Information on how to pay fares on bus and trolley can be found here.


What are the registration fees?

The full list of registration fees is below. Please register online early to secure the lowest rate! 

  • Early Bird Registration (through Nov 30, 2022): $249 USD
  • Advance Registration (Dec 1, 2022 – Jan 31, 2023): $275 USD
  • Regular Registration (Feb 1, 2023-July 31, 2023): $325 USD
  • Late Registration (Aug 1, 2023-Sept 30, 2023):$375 USD 
  • Extra Late / On-Site Registration (after Oct 1, 2023): $415 USD
  • Social Pass (Galas & Receptions ONLY – Guests): $200 USD

Is registration transferable?

Yes! Registrations may be transferred to a member of the same Pride organization by contacting [email protected].

Is registration refundable?

No – all registrations are non-refundable.

Is there a deadline for online registration?

No – registrations will be accepted online and in-person through the conference. The extra late & on-site registration fee will be in effect starting October 1, 2023.

Can I register on-site in San Diego?

Yes! On-site registration will be available beginning Wednesday, October 25th at 12 PM.

Are meals included with my conference registration?

Yes, the following meals are included with registration: 

  • Friday
    • Breakfast* (for Westin hotel guests only)
    • Lunch
  • Saturday 
    • Breakfast* (for Westin hotel guests only)
    • Lunch
    • Dinner at gala
  • Sunday
    • Brunch

Breakfast will be provided on Friday and Saturday for all individuals reserving their room at The Westin in the InterPride room block. Lunch, dinner at gala, and Sunday brunch are for ALL registered attendees.

All other meals are on your own. San Diego Pride will provide a list of recommended restaurants and shops, as well as transportation suggestions for getting around San Diego.

How can I register a group for InterPride AGM&WC 2023? Is there a group discount?

Each registration must be submitted individually. There is currently no discount for group registration.

Conference Programming

What workshops or presentations will be provided?

You can view the full workshops schedule at

What are the language interpretation plans for the conference?

The working language of InterPride is English; most content will be presented in the English language. Both plenaries (Friday and Sunday) will have live simultaneous interpretation for both in-person and virtual attendees in ASL, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Volunteer interpreters may be available upon request for side-by-side (“whisper”) simultaneous interpretation in workshops and caucuses upon request. Please use this form to request interpretation for a specific workshop and/or caucus, and we will do our best.


Will hybrid/virtual programming be available at InterPride’s AGM&WC 2023 in San Diego?

Yes! Limited hybrid/virtual programming will be available: All three plenary sessions will be livestreamed for virtual registrants. Virtual plenary attendees will be able to interact using the chat function on Zoom.

How do I register to join the Plenary sessions virtually on Zoom?

Registration for virtual attendance at the Plenaries can be found here. NOTE: You must register for each session if you intend to attend both Friday and Sunday’s plenaries.

Accessibility, COVID, & Health

What accessibility services will InterPride GM&WC 2023 offer?

What are the COVID protocols for the conference?

The health and safety of attendees is our highest priority. The conference planning team is adhering to best-practice COVID protocols based on local, state, federal, and global health guidelines.

As we navigate a world where COVID continues to be present, we ask that you not attend if you test positive for COVID, feel sick or ill or present any symptoms associated with COVID.

We will have high-quality masks available at registration for anyone who chooses to wear one, along with COVID rapid antigen tests for attendees upon request.

Please follow all CDC guidelines and recommendations for your safety and the safety of others.

Social Activities

Where can I find information on receptions and social events?

All of the InterPride hosted social events are listed here in detail:

Don’t miss out on the fun around town (shuttles from hotel will be available):

  • Wednesday, Oct. 25, 6-8 pm, Welcome Reception at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral
  • Thursday, Oct. 26, 6-8 pm, Scholarship Reception at Rich’s San Diego
  • Friday, Oct. 27, 7-9 pm, Pride & Business Leadership Mixer at the Westgate Hotel (*Space is limited – RSVP required, by invitation)
  • Friday, Oct. 27, 8-10 pm, Queer Entertainer Showcase at the Diversionary Theatre
  • Saturday, Oct. 28, 7-11 pm, Nightmare Night Market and Gala at The Center & Pride Plaza

What is the dress code at the conference and social events?

There is no strict dress code for any element of the conference, but here’s a quick guide on what to expect at the conference and receptions.

  • Conference days (plenaries, workshops, caucuses, etc): Come as you are and however you’re most comfortable. (Bring a light layer – hotel meeting rooms are often a bit chilly.)
  • Receptions and Diversionary Theatre: Come as you are – maybe with a little extra flair!
  • Gala: Our gala this year is Halloween-themed, so Halloween costumes are highly encouraged. If coming in costume isn’t your thing, then you’re encouraged to dress to impress – whatever that means to you!

Halloween Costumes

At San Diego Pride, we value diversity, respect, integrity, and accountability. We kindly ask all attendees to consider their costume choices carefully. Here are some things to consider that can help evaluate if it might be culturally appropriative or ableist:

  • Origin & Significance: Does the costume represent a culture that is not your own? Is the costume based on a tradition, practice, or symbol with deep significance or religious importance in that culture?
  • Stereotyping: Does the costume perpetuate stereotypes or present an oversimplified or inaccurate portrayal of a culture?
  • Commodification: Is the costume being used for entertainment or aesthetic value while stripping away its deeper cultural context?
  • Historical Context & Power Dynamics: Does the costume come from a culture that has been historically marginalized, oppressed, or colonized? By wearing this, could it appear as though you’re exercising privilege without facing the challenges or discrimination associated with being from that culture?
  • Feedback & Reception: How might someone from the culture being represented feel about the costume? If there’s hesitation or uncertainty, have you sought feedback or perspectives from individuals of that culture?