Melissa Kelley Colibrí


Melissa Kelley Colibrí

I am a Deaf queer mixed latinx femme and a full time activist advocating for accessibility within the LGBTQ community in San Diego. I use they|them pronouns. I hold an AA degree in Alcohol and Other Drugs Studies and I also have a BA degree in Sociology. I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Health.

As part of my community work, I am currently involved with San Diego Pride, San Diego Trans Pride and SheFest as their accessibility manager, making sure their events and meetings are accessible for all people with disabilities including Deaf folx. In addition, I provide free accessibility training workshops for community members, event organizers, organizations and agencies that serve LGBTQ folks in San Diego county.

Inaccessibility is a public health matter and will continue to be prevalent as more and more people are becoming disabled and they experience multiple disabilities as well as intersectional oppressions including discrimination. I believe that a sense of community is vital for the Deaf + LGBTQ population to thrive. It brings feelings of identity and pride as well as kinship, and is made possible through processes such as full accessibility, communication, inter-group relations and networking. This is where my true passion comes in, networking and building a support system with ready access to resources, services and events for all members of the LGBTQ community in San Diego.

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