Parade Contigent/Volunteer Check-in Co-Manager


Deni Velez-Mack

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


Born and raised in San Diego, Deni attended her first Pride with her then girlfriend now wife, and Parade Co-Manager, Naomi Velez-Mack in 2010. She began volunteering the following year in 2011, starting out as a parade check in volunteer. She then went on to become a coordinator in the same department and has been there ever since. Deni is now Parade Contingent and Volunteer Check-in Co-Manager with Mayra Hayden.

If she is not volunteering with pride, you can find pretty much, almost always, find Deni and her wife Naomi at Disneyland. In order to help pay for their annual passes, Deni works at Vista Hill, a company serving individuals with developmental and cognitive delays. She works in the adult day program with the company, providing support for adults with different abilities.