PPS Workshops

PPS Workshop 1

WORKSHOP 1: Storytelling

In this workshop we’ll discuss the art of telling a compelling campaign story. We’ll talk about the importance of crafting a good story and what structure you should use in every campaign story you share. We’ll also dive into how and why to inject values in every version of your campaign story.

Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of storytelling mechanics and best practices, and will have the opportunity to practice developing their own campaign stories.

Learning Objectives/Tangible Skills:

  • How and why to tell compelling stories
  • The structure of a good campaign story
  • How and why to include your values in each story
  • Examples of how to use the structure in a variety of scenarios
PPS Workshop 2

WORKSHOP 2: Training Your Volunteers

In this workshop we will share best practices on training volunteers on campaign skills. We’ll give tips on how to set folks up for success in new skills and how to orient experienced volunteers as well. We’ll discuss the importance of providing actionable feedback, and how to close the feedback loop ensuring that critical feedback will be implemented effectively.

Trainees will walk away with a better understanding of how to give volunteers and folks they work with the tools to be effective, and how to balance improving folks skills directly, quickly, and with care.

Learning Objectives/Tangible Skills:

  • Best Practices for training folks on skills
  • How to give feedback that is actionable and constructive
  • How to reinforce the feedback
PPS Workshop 3

WORKSHOP 3: Campaign Action Basics

The focus of this workshop will be on basic grassroots organizing skills. We’ll explore the strengths of campaign actions like canvassing and phone banking in your campaign work, and how to choose which tactics make the most sense for your group/organization, and your campaign goals. We’ll give the keys to effective canvassing in different settings, and the keys to efficient phone banking. This will be a priming lesson for the two practice sessions included in the conference.

Later in the conference we will have a dedicated practice session for street canvassing where we will build political power for the Equality Act. We will also have a phone banking session to build a team of local activists.

Learning Objectives/Tangible Skills:

  • Key Tips for effective and engaging public speaking
  • Visibility Tips for your team to build credibility and impact
  • When to canvass / Why canvassing is valuable
  • Key Tips for Field/Crowd Canvassing
  • Key Tips for Door Canvassing
  • Key Tips for Phonebanking
PPS Workshop 4

WORKSHOP 4: Volunteer Recruitment

We will cover the how and why of building a team of volunteers and activists. We’ll discuss ways to find your community and build a powerful list of interested folks to join your team. We’ll also give best practices on turning that list into active participants and leaders in campaign actions, and mobilize that list for actions in your campaign too.

Participants will also have the opportunity to practice these skills.

Learning Objectives/Tangible Skills:

  • The basics of building a team
  • “Always Be Recruiting” – how and why of this mantra
  • How to find where your people are and meet them there
  • Best practices for meeting and event recruitment
PPS Workshop 5

WORKSHOP 5: Running a Successful Campaign Event (Action or Meeting)

In this workshop we’ll go over the best way to orient folks to take a campaign action and how to keep your stories fresh and relevant for everyone there, from first time volunteers to experienced leaders.

We’ll give you a useful structure that will be relevant for a variety of events and meetings. We’ll also practice kicking off events in this session.

Learning Objectives/Tangible Skills:

  • How to lead a campaign action or volunteer event
  • Tips on making a welcoming space for new people every time
  • The structure for a good action kickoff
  • How to incorporate goals into your event and connect the campaign action to the bigger picture (stairway to leadership)
PPS Workshop 6

WORKSHOP 6: Strategy Charts (Organizing Tactics)

We’re rounding out the conference with an overview of the key components to successful campaigns. We’ll give you the tools and structure to plan your campaign, identify the best targets, and build your campaign strategy. We’ll review a variety of campaign tactics to jumpstart the planning process!

Learning Objectives/Tangible Skills:

  • The components of planning a campaign
  • What tactics can you use to build power/influence decision makers