She Fest 2022

She Fest 2021 - 210710 - 1115 - Daniela Machado - 358

She Fest 2022

She Fest is a woman-centered event that celebrates and supports the talents and contributions of women while fostering meaningful connections within and between the LGBT and larger San Diego communities.

When: Saturday, July 9, 2022 @ TBA
Where: TBA


Building on second wave feminism’s creed of “the personal is political,” we are guided by principles of intersectional feminism: we recognize that while all women experience oppression, we also all experience oppression in varying forms based on race, class, gender, sexuality, dis/ability, etc. With that in mind, we want everyone at She Fest to feel supported, included, and represented. She Fest is intentionally inclusive of transgender women, nonbinary people, intersex people, and gender nonconforming folks.

She Fest Program