Useful Directions for Individuals with Sight Impairments

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Useful Directions for Individuals with Sight Impairments
Please note that these directions are meant to be useful, but in no way can be considered 100 percent accurate as Festival layout may change at the last minute. Use your common sense. You may also request a companion guide at either gate, Ticketing or the Access-ability Booth.
Festival Layout
The festival has two major roads – Balboa Drive running approximately north/south and Juniper Street, which begins as an east/west road, but turns into a north/south road after it intersects with Balboa Drive The Balboa-Juniper intersection is known as the crossroads. Balboa Drive joins up with the north/south portion of Juniper and forms what is called the “bottom of the loop.” Essentially, the one street seamlessly joins with the other. If you head south on Balboa, you will eventually curve north to be on Juniper. Similarly, if you follow Juniper as it turns southward after the crossroads, you will eventually be walking north on Balboa.
Ticketing Booth
The ticketing Booth is located on Balboa Drive north of Main Gate. It extends from the edge of the street westward into a grassy area. The accessible booth for ticket purchase should be the one closest to the street. You can find this ticketing area by traveling southward along the west side of Balboa and will reach it prior to reaching the Festival Main Gate.
Baggage Search
Before you enter the festival, you must have your bag searched to assure you are not bringing prohibited items <link “prohibited items” to file Items Prohibited Within Festival Grounds> into the festival. Each is positioned in the road before you reach the gate.
There are two gates, the Main Gate on Balboa Drive and a secondary gate on Juniper Street
Access-ability Booth
The booth can be found south of the intersection of Balboa and Juniper, on the east side of Balboa positioned directly on the actual street pavement. American Sign Language (ASL)
Interpreter Booth
This booth is located south of the Access-ability Booth. It can be found south of the intersection of Balboa and Juniper, on the east side of Balboa positioned directly on the actual street pavement.
Art of Pride
The Art of Pride exhibition area is the first venue on your left as you enter the Festival through the Main Gate. It forms a C shape open to the street with three individual artists booths on either side and four across the back. There is a shaded area with tables and seating in the middle of the C. Festival goers are welcome to relax at those tables and talk about the works with the artists.
Deaf Zone
Please seek this booth in the northwest quadrant of the festival grounds. It is approximately half way along the southwest side of volunteer Village.
Diversity Task Force (DTF) Booth
The DTF Booth is at the corner of Juniper Street and the first north sidewalk west of the Balboa-Juniper intersection. It is immediately to the east of that sidewalk and west of the Food Court.
Food Court
The Food Court is on the northwest corner of the Balboa-Juniper intersection. The vendors are positioned in two long rows facing each other. These rows stretch from east to west, running parallel to Juniper Street. There will also be food trucks scattered throughout the festival. We have compiled a list of food vendors <link ’food vendors’ to file of same name> for your convenience.
Information Booth
The information Booth is located at the intersection of Balboa and Juniper on the southeast corner. It is up on the grassy area after the curb of the street.
Leather Realm
The Leather Realm can be found in the grassy area south of the loop formed by Balboa Drive and Juniper Street. The entrance is to the west of Balboa just before it begins to curve eastward to form the bottom of the loop.
Senior Cool Zone – Lower Level
After Juniper intersects with Balboa, it curves southward. Following that curve, at the bottomof a hill, you will find a SCZ on the west side of the street. It is directly across from a Medical Tent. This SCZ is meant for quiet relaxation.
Senior Cool Zone– Upper Level
This booth is on Balboa Drive approximately half-way between the Juniper Street and Balboa Drive intersection and the south-most portion of the loop. It is east of Balboa Drive also across from a medical tent. (The loop is formed when the north/south portion of Juniper Street meets the north/south of Balboa Drive nue. Remember, while Juniper runs east/west as you enter the Festival, after it intersects with Balboa, it curves and becomes a north/south road.)