JULY 12 - 14

Pride’s 2019 Dates & Theme

Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, a moment in our history where we fought back against police brutality and the legal oppression of our community. Our community rallied together and commemorated that act of rebellion the following year with the…

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HIV/AIDS, the legacy and the fight

In the 80’s, I remember some of the very first bullying that came my way was kids at recess calling me gay and telling me that I was going to “get AIDS, die, and burn in hell for all eternity.” Many of us know…

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❤️ & thanks from your Pride Family

Over the last few weeks, in working with different community partners and in particular with our youth, I’ve been reminded more and more about the fear, pain, and depression that many in our community deal with as the holidays approach. Many of us feel…

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December She Fest Meeting / Mixer

Annual Fundraiser with Dreamgirls


San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition Toy Drive


Community events, programs, and fundraisers put on by Pride & other LGBTQ-serving organizations happen all throughout the year!

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