She Fest

She Fest 2021 - 210710 - 1115 - Daniela Machado - 358

She Fest 2022

She Fest is a woman-centered event that celebrates and supports the talents and contributions of women while fostering meaningful connections within and between the LGBT and larger San Diego communities.

When: Saturday, July 9, 2022, 12 PM – 6PM
Where: Hillcrest Pride Flag

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About Us

Who We Are:

We are a volunteer committee of LGBTQ+ women and non-binary folks centering the diverse experiences of LGBTQ+ women and people who feel at home with “she.” Together, we foster community connections for San Diego’s LGBTQ+ women and intentional allies; we combat homophobia, transphobia, and the patriarchy; and, we highlight and celebrate the spectrum of “she.” We are explicitly inclusive and affirming of trans women and non-binary folks. 

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Our Volunteer Leadership Team

Stacy Sakamoto, she/her/hers – Chair
A.D. Weller, they/she/he (anything used respectfully) – Director of Special Projects
Bleu Ford, she/her/hers – Operations Director
Cassie Harris (they/them/theirs) – Entertainment Director
Flavia Waisbich, she/her/hers – Director of Special Projects
Gaia Croston, she/her/hers – Education and Enrichment Director
Gini Mann-Deibert, she/her/hers – Engagement Director
Shiloh Tamir, they/them/theirs – Assistant Director of Operations
Trish Tucker, she/her/hers – Director of Special Projects


To volunteer with She Fest, email [email protected]


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She Fest 2021 - 210710 - 1525 - Vanessa Dubois - 003


Help She Fest expand and continue to foster community and support for LGBTQ+ women in San Diego by donating. 100% of your donation will go to She Fest and its events and programs!



Land Acknowledgment


Acknowledging our past includes recognizing that we are on stolen land. Our annual flagship event and many of us who organize our events occupy stolen land that was never ceded by the Kumeyaay people. The Kumeyaay people were forcibly removed through violence and atrocious human rights violations, and face disproportionate disparities that persist today. We urge folks to join us in learning more about Kumeyaay history, to join and follow the efforts of the Kumeyaay Defense Against the Wall, and take steps to stand in solidarity with Indigenous-led groups