Pillars of Justice

Introduction to Pride's Pillars of Justice

Pride’s Pillars of Justice build on our mission, vision, and values to guide our work in policy, advocacy, and community organizing. These issue areas are core to the achievement of LGBTQ+ equality locally, nationally, and globally. While our focus areas and specific policies may shift often based on community needs, these pillars of justice build the stable foundation of our education and advocacy work. 

Our pillars of justice include: 1) Disability Justice, 2) Economic Justice, 3) Environmental Justice, 4) Gender Justice, 5) Health Justice, 6) Racial Justice, and 7) Reproductive Justice

In order to implement our mission, vision, and values, San Diego Pride embraces the analytical lens of intersectionality, a term and framework developed by Kimberlé Crenshaw that is especially crucial to our policy and advocacy work. Intersectionality requires us to understand the ways that oppression and privilege intersect in the policies that affect our communities, and to center those living at the intersections of multiple marginalized & oppressed identities. 

In addition to San Diego Pride’s policy advocacy, we frame our education, advocacy, and community work around these pillars of justice with the recognition that while policy has the power to shape lives, the achievement of liberation, equality, and justice also requires education, power-building, and advocacy within communities. 

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