Accessibility at Pride

"San Diego Pride strives to be welcoming to our entire community, including people with disabilities. Our organization and community are grateful to Pride's Accessibility Department for making our city a national leader among Pride organizations in hosting accessible events and improving everyone's Pride experience. Please join us and participate with Pride - and let us know how we can be even better!"

San Diego Pride


General Event Accessibility

Below is a list of links to useful accessibility resources for people with disabilities attending this summer's Pride festivities:

  • 2017 Performance and Workshop Schedule - Coming SoonWant to know when the workshop on spanking is being held in the Leather Realm?  Interested in finding out when your favorite artist is performing? Check out our accessible schedules so you don’t miss a thing!
  • 2017 Music Festival Vendor Booth List- Coming Soon: Find out what groups and businesses will be at the Pride Music Festival, including phone numbers and websites. This file can be downloaded from this website or emailed to you by an Accessibility Team member at the Information Booth during the Music Festival.
  • Delete all references to the Rainbow Zone: Shuttle stop locations, festival layout and key booth locations described for those with sight impairments.
  • Companion Policy: Learn how to find a specially trained individual to assist you while attending the festival or how you can bring a person of your choosing to assist you, free of charge.
  • Paws at Pride: Pride welcomes service dogs and documented emotional support dogs at the Music Festival. Please read this policy carefully prior to deciding to bring your dog.
  • 2017 Shuttle Information: Find shuttle information such as schedules, times and routes, as well as how people with a specific need for an accessible vehicle can get one as a shuttle.

  • Items Prohibited within Festival Grounds: All bags brought into the Pride Music Festival are searched. Please review this list in preparation.
  • Delete items prohibited on Festival Grounds – as it is already covered previously: Learn about metal detectors and accessibility for the rally and Music Festival here.
Our Appreciation...

Our thanks to everyone who works diligently to make all that Pride does accessible to everyone in the LGBT family. From Pride's staff to our legions of volunteers, both during our July celebrations and throughout the year, everyone has shown a commitment to including all our community members by dedicating their time and talents to our efforts. All that we do would not be possible without these individuals and we appreciate each and everyone.

ASL Interpreting Services proudly provided by our wonderful cadre of community interpreters proudly provided by Deaf Community Services.

Special thanks to our community partner Fellowship of Older Gays (FOG) for hosting the Senior Cool Zones and creating an amazing space for our community elders, people with disabilities and our four legged friends.

Please send all questions and feedback to [email protected].