Thank you for your interest in partnering with San Diego Pride!

Deadline to become a sponsor of San Diego Pride 2018 is April 27, 2018.

To get started, please review our 2018 Sponsor Packet below:

San Diego Pride 2018 Sponsor Packet

San Diego LGBT Pride is pleased to announce a new opportunity for local San Diego-based small businesses to sponsor the 2018 San Diego Pride Celebration, July 13-15, 2018, at a reduced price of $1,500. Click below for more information.

New! $1,500 Small Business Sponsorship

San Diego Pride Fact Sheet:

San Diego Pride is one of the oldest LGBT-serving organizations in the region, among the largest Pride celebrations in the country, and is an internationally recognized destination event.

San Diego Pride promotes your brand to more than:

  • 230,000 parade spectators
  • 40,000 music festival attendees
  • 25 local and national media partners

Tickets to our 2-day festival were sold in:

  • 464 cities
  • 46 states
  • 27 countries

San Diego Pride’s audience is loyal, engaged and has spending power:

  • 50% of attendees have college or post-graduate degrees
  • 55% of attendees report annual incomes exceeding $50,000
  • 7 of 10 LGBT adults remain loyal to brands that support the LGBT community, regardless of pricing or convenience
  • 7% of U.S. adults identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, and the combined buying power of U.S. LGBT adults rose 3.7 percent to $917 billion in 2016

For more details on partnering with San Diego LGBT Pride, please contact Director of Development Chance McKee at

While partnering with San Diego LGBT Pride brings the greatest return on investment for your business and the community, there are various opportunities to participate in Pride:

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