July 18-19

We’re giving away $340,000!

It is truly a joy to be a part of this organization. 2019 was our largest and most successful year to date. The impact of San Diego Pride is only possible through the help of our 70 LGBTQ-serving nonprofit community partners, 117 sponsors, 575…

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Over $340,000 granted to LGBTQ Organizations from San Diego Pride

San Diego, California (December 12, 2019) — Following their most successful Pride event to date, San Diego Pride is pleased to announce their 2019 charitable giving will exceed a quarter of a million dollars. These funds will be distributed to 61 LGBTQ-serving organizations across…

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2020 Pride Dates

2020 is upon us! While I know together we will continue to face the challenges of fear, hatred, discrimination, and violence, so too will we build community, find love, and join in celebration. I look forward to a new year with you all as…

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Thank you.

Our 2019 theme is Stonewall 50: A Legacy of Liberation. We have taken the year to reflect on the gifts given to us by the struggles and sacrifices of our Stonewall generation and consider the world we want to leave to the next generation.…

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Hope for the Holidays

This time of year I’m always reminded of the fear, pain, and depression that many in our community face as the holidays approach. Many of us feel the weight and emptiness of familial rejection and isolation. Far too many of us, especially our youth,…

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Trans Day of Remembrance

A report just released this week by the FBI states that hate-crime violence is at a 16 year high and that anti-trans hate crimes skyrocketed up 40% from 2017 to 2018. So far this year at least 28 transgender human beings have been killed…

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Lessons from Prop 8

It’s been 11 years since we lost the Prop 8 battle. Since then we’ve regained the right to marry in all 50 states with some federal protections, but our rights and community are still under attack in cities, states, and at the federal level.…

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Let’s honor those who have served with Pride.

In many ways, veterans were in part responsible for building our strongest LGBTQ communities across the country. After serving in WWII and Vietnam, many LGBTQ veterans chose to say close to their newfound families in port cities like San Francisco and San Diego. San…

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The Power of Pride’s Philanthropy

In 1989 the leadership of San Diego Pride envisioned a model of organizing and fundraising that, in addition to supporting our own events and programs, could turn a profit to be returned to our community. As an organization, we began giving out grants starting…

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