July 17 - 18

BREAKING: Equality Act Passes House

Today, the US House of representatives voted in support of the Equality Act! It is now up to the Senate to move the legislation forward, as President Biden has already declared that passing the historic piece of LGBTQ protection is a priority for his…

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Stop API Hate

Over the last year we have seen a disturbing rise in anti-API hate-fueled violence and xenophobic attitudes stoked by the former administration’s disgusting rhetoric. In 2013, our Spirit of Stonewall Rally had openly gay artist, author, and activist, George Takei, as our keynote speaker.…

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Please, Remain Resilient

Our city, region, and nation have seen a rise in violent White Supremacist activity over the last several years, the increase has been palpable the last few months. The recent attack on an LGBTQ open and affirming congregation and LGBTQ-owned business, both showing visible support for…

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Black Brilliance is Resilience

In 1990, Vertez Burks joined our board and in 1992 became first Black co-chair of San Diego Pride. Vertez Burks, together with Latino co-chair, Larry Baza, was instrumental in changing the locations of the Pride Parade and Festival to the locations we recognize today,…

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Bold Transition

Transgender Americans are two times as likely to serve in the military as the general population. San Diego has the highest concentration of LGBTQ military personnel in the world, making Monday’s historic executive order by President Biden ending the ban on transgender servicemembers that…

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Our 2021 Theme is…

Today we walk further into 2021 with cautious optimism. A renewed sense of hope has washed over us. Since yesterday LGBTQ people in our country have been elevated with dignity and respect by the Biden administration. In just those brief hours an openly bisexual…

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When is Pride 2021?

It’s still hard to look down University Ave. and know that it wasn’t brimming with hundreds of thousands of cheering people in 2020. When I walk through Balboa Park and see the empty spaces that would typically be filled with tens of thousands of…

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Responding to Insurrection

I wish I could say yesterday’s insurrection was shocking. I’m angry because it wasn’t. For four years we have lived under an administration that has continuously and unabashedly uplifted racism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, and xenophobia. For four years we felt the loss, pain, and…

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Top 20 of 2020

The full impacts and implications of everything we have collectively endured in 2020 will be felt for years to come. Our 2020 theme, Together We Rise, was intended to remind us all that in a world that can often feel divided, our community is…

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A Pathway to Healing & Safety

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the elevated movement for Black lives, we all engaged more deeply at this moment in our nation’s history to examine our unique organizational practices and policies with the goal of centering the lives of…

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