July 8-16

Drag is Not a Crime 💅

Dear Pride Family, The history of Drag is steeped in resistance. Our Drag ancestors didn’t just entertain, they shattered norms and bore their identities with irrepressible flair as an act of personal authenticity and queer creativity. They were pioneers, changing the cultural landscape. Their…

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United in Pride

SAN DIEGO, CA – June 5, 2023 – 140 organizations, institutions of faith, businesses, and community, faith, and elected leaders have come together to issue a joint statement expressing their unwavering support for Pride events and the LGBTQ+ community amidst a rising tide of…

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🌈🎶Festival Line-up!

Dear Pride Family, This Pride season, it’s clear that we are not just celebrating our identities but affirming our shared resilience in the face of adversity. At a time when our community faces increasing threats and dangerously false narratives, we come together to counter…

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2023 Awardees are…

Dear Pride Family, At the Stonewall Riots, we were under attack and we fought back. That is why we have Pride. Here we are again under threat of the same legal, state-sanctioned violence and oppression the veterans of our movement fought against. Each year,…

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🌈✡️Shared Struggles

Dear Pride Family, It is Jewish Heritage Month. My mother, a Jewish woman raised by Orthodox parents whose family left Russia and Austria respectively to escape persecution and death, and my father, a devout Catholic man from Mexico, each explained to me as a…

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