July 8-16

5 years later

Dear Pride Family, In July of 2000, I had been homeless and living in my car just a couple of weeks before. I was from the rural border town of El Centro, California which had an extremely anti-LGBTQ climate. We didn’t have an LGBTQ…

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The Holocaust, and now…

Dear Pride Family, January 27, was chosen as Holocaust Remembrance Day because it was the day the Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated in 1945. Millions of Jews, political dissenters, religious minorities, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ people lost their lives at the hands of Nazi Germany. It is…

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United LGBTQIA+ Organizations Support All Transgender People Seeking toUtilize Public Facilities JOINT STATEMENT As LGBTQIA+ organizations, we stand in solidarity with and support of Christynne Lili WreneWood, and all transgender people seeking to utilize public facilities.  Transgender women are women. Period.  Transgender people in San Diego…

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“Who?” “Never Heard of Them.”

Dear Pride Family, Every single year, some of the harshest criticism we hear at Pride is people denigrating our entertainment team and our Festival lineup selections. “Who?” “Never heard of them!” While people say these things and worse to our team as a criticism,…

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Lead with Pride

Dear Pride Family, Throughout our movement, we as LGBTQ people have too often been severed from friends, family, and social support networks. Our queer resilience and ingenuity have made us experts at forging our own found families and securing our own strength. Over the…

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Resolve to Thrive!

We hope you will join us in approaching 2023 with an abundance mindset so our community can truly Thrive!…

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