JULY 11 - 18

Pride week is about to start!

In 2013 we were approached by a group of women led by community organizer Kelcie Kopf who was interested in creating a trans-inclusive LGBTQ-women centered event in San Diego. Knowing full well at the time that LGBTQ women’s spaces were disappearing all over the…

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Our Resilient Pride

We do not have Pride because we are free. We have Pride because we are not free. We have Pride because, in the face of violence, pain, grief, and oppression – our community, our movement is resilient. From the spark of the Stonewall riots…

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International Pride’s in Your Living Room!

From the spark at Stonewall to the celebrations and protests all over the world, the international Pride movement represents the largest global network of LGBTQ social justice work. That structured network of activists started right here in San Diego with one of our Pride’s…

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Our 2020 Headliners are!

Pride isn’t canceled; mass gatherings were canceled. Through everything going on in the world, San Diego Pride’s board, volunteers, staff, and community partners continue to press on, producing more free programming and services than ever before. 2020 has given us a much different world…

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Celebrating our Victories

While 2020 has been a devastating year for far too many reasons to list, it’s been reinvigorating to see the victories and joy that have shone through this week. As we all endure the hardship and pain this year has brought us, I hope…

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A Call for Healing & Unity

Last night San Diego Pride sent a proposal to the Mayor of San Diego entitled Law Enforcement & Pride – A Path To Healing & Safer Communities. We hope you will take a moment to read the proposal in its entirety before passing judgment.…

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She Fest

Light up the Cathedral - An Interfaith Pride Celebration

Spirit of Stonewall Rally

Pride Live 2020


Community events, programs, and fundraisers put on by Pride & other LGBTQ-serving organizations happen all throughout the year!

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