July 8-16

🌈🚨 Threats at School!

Dear Pride Family, All across San Diego County and California, we are experiencing a dramatic rise in anti-LGBTQ organizing at school boards, largely driven by a small but vocal and organized group of extremists. These local issues mirror what is happening all over the…

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🌈💪We mean business!

Dear Pride Family, I can still remember the fear and uncertainty our family went through when my husband was fired from his job after they discovered he was gay, or the time my employer refused to put my husband on my health insurance because…

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🌈❤️Con Orgullo

Dear Pride Family, We, as queer people, don’t always have spaces where we can be authentically LGBTQ-selves and hold on to our cultural identities at the same time. The homophobia and transphobia we might feel in our own families or cultural communities, or the…

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Protect Our Children

Dear Pride Family, In 2015, a rash of LGBTQ teen suicides in San Diego hit the news. At the time, several regional LGBTQ-youth serving organizations were just starting to come together under the newly formed Youth Services & Advocacy Committee, under the Center’s Community…

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Allies Under Attack

Dear Pride Family, Do not retreat. Our movement needs allies. The world just lost a significant one. The murder of Lauri Carleton, a strong ally and supporter, has shaken us all. She was defending our flag. Our right to exist. Her right to free…

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