Times are hard. We fight on.

This week, in a year of setbacks and hardships, we made progress. Thanks to the leadership of strong LGBTQ ally, Board Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, San Diego County reignited the Human Relations Commission, now named for its original founder Leon L. Williams. This step to…

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Justice for Black Lives

Over the decades, white supremacists and white nationalists have committed acts of violence against our LGBTQ community, Jewish communities, immigrant communities, and communities of color. We know that many of our LGBTQ siblings share lived experiences across a multitude of marginalized identities. Last year,…

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Share your Story

We know that telling our personal stories is one the most powerful tools we as an LGBTQ community or any marginalized communities has in the fight against injustice. The raw, honest, and emotional portrayal of our struggles, and love, and lives is what changes…

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Adapting to Serve

In some ways, the last 7 weeks have felt like 7 years. We’ve all had to make major changes to the ways we work, live, and stay socially connected. For our LGBTQ community, which has often endured a lifetime of familial and social rejection,…

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Pride Status Update

April 16, 2020 SAN DIEGO PRIDE CANCELS ALL IN-PERSON MASS GATHERING EVENTS IN JULY After weeks of thoughtful consideration, today, San Diego Pride’s Board of Directors and staff announced that all in-person gatherings scheduled for July 2020 will not take place as planned. The…

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