Info for Allies

Resources for Allies

At San Diego Pride, we believe everyone can and should become great allies to community members with disabilities. Below is a list of resources to help you educate yourself on the subject.

Accessibility Awareness Training

San Diego Pride offers Accessibility Awareness Trainings at various times throughout the year. These trainings are free and open to all community members.

Volunteering for Pride

All volunteers should thoroughly review our Volunteer Toolkit prior to beginning their volunteer duties.

Disability Etiquette

Many allies new to the disability community wonder how to communicate with and about people with disabilities. Here are a few resources that can help you learn.

Wikipedia’s Disability Etiquette is a great introduction on how to be courteous and respectful of people with disabilities.

Communicating With and About People with Disabilities is a comprehensive document that covers a variety of disabilities offering guidelines on language and behavior. Ten Commandments of Communicating with People with Disabilities is a great “cheat sheet” covering key areas.

People First Language provides a way to talk about people with disabilities the right way. The Inclusion Project and the ARC Tennessee provide more great examples.

Myths and Realities

Our society is full of misconceptions about what it means to live with a disability.  Discover the commonly held Myths and Realities that might be influencing your thinking. Explore misconceptions about mental health disabilities that unfortunately feed the stigma people with mental health conditions face each day.

Test Your Knowledge

After you’ve explored the resources above, test your knowledge with the disability-related quizzes and games below.

Please explore the links below, and if you have further questions, email us at [email protected].