🌈🎶Festival Line-up!

Dear Pride Family,

This Pride season, it’s clear that we are not just celebrating our identities but affirming our shared resilience in the face of adversity. At a time when our community faces increasing threats and dangerously false narratives, we come together to counter hate with joy, love, and unwavering Pride.

We know music and performance are potent forces for change. LGBTQ arts and culture have always played a pivotal role in our defiance. They tell our stories, illustrate our struggles, tout our triumphs, and most importantly, showcase the beauty of our identities. Nowhere is that more evident than at our Festival where hundreds of diverse LGBTQ artists bring us together in celebration. 

From the vibrant urban feminism of nonbinary bisexual artist Princess Nokia to the door-opening queer charisma of Saucy Santana, we see reflections of our diverse and strong community. The LGBTQ and reproductive choice activism of Pussy RiotDavid Archuleta’s compassionate LGBTQ advocacy in religious spaces, and Jai Rodriguez’s work on HIV/AIDS awareness within the Latine community further demonstrate the power of representation and the necessity of giving a platform to these critical conversations.

In addition to these international icons, the San Diego Pride Festival predominantly features our fiercely talented local LGBTQ community who lift us up and help us find community all year round. I hope you take the time to learn more about all of our artists.  

States across the country are enacting laws that will ban these artists and stop our Prides. These voices matter. Our voices matter. Their messages inspire. Their stories connect us. Their talent, courage, and advocacy remind us of our strength and resilience as a community. When we gather in celebration this Pride season, let’s celebrate who we are, and how far we’ve come as we show the world that despite adversity, we are strong, we are united, and we continue to Thrive!

With Pride,

Fernando Z. López
Pronouns: they/them/theirs
Executive Director
San Diego Pride

P.S. If you haven’t heard, there will be no beverage garden fences at Pride again this year similar to attending a sporting event or concert. You will be free to enjoy the entire Pride Festival with your food and beverage in hand!


About Fernando

Fernando Lopez is the Executive Director of San Diego Pride. Lopez’s years of LGBT advocacy, nonprofit management, public education, diversity consulting, media relations, guest lectures, and organizing have made them a consistent presence ensuring the struggles of the LGBT community are ever visible.