Health Justice (Pillars of Justice)

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Health Justice Is An LGBTQ Issue

What is Health Justice?

Health justice is a framework for working toward health equity and social justice by recognizing the barriers to accessing healthcare. With its foundations in the belief that all people deserve equitable access to healthcare and that healthcare is a human right, this framework considers both social and legal determinants of health, particularly those that lead to health inequity and injustice. Achieving health justice would be defined by the eradication of unjust health disparities caused by discrimination and poverty.

Why is Health Justice an LGBTQ+ Issue?

As a marginalized group, LGBTQ+ people have been shown to have higher rates of mental and physical health issues. At the same time, LGBTQ+ people also face significant barriers to accessing healthcare, creating a cycle of poor health based on structural injustice, inequity, and discrimination. LGBTQ+ people often face discrimination and/or the fear of discrimination or stigma when accessing healthcare. The structural injustices based on sexual orientation and gender identity often intersect with economic, racial, disability, and environmental injustices.

What We Believe

  • We believe that healthcare is a universal human right, and all LGBTQ+ people deserve equitable access to non-judgmental, affirming, and culturally appropriate healthcare.
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