Juneteenth – Our Shared Commitment to Liberation

Dear Pride Family,

In navigating the complexities of celebrating Juneteenth within a world still entangled in the remnants of its past, and amidst the hollow promises of progress adorned with the veneer of inclusivity, I, at the crossroads of my queerness, transness, and blackness, find myself all too familiar with this internal conflict. It’s a struggle often veiled behind amicable smiles and humor, serving as armor against the pervasive anti-blackness and censorship in white-dominated spaces. How, then, can I carve out a space that honors the legacy of my ancestors while embracing my full self?

For me, the answer lies in the solidarity and camaraderie found within communities that share a commitment to liberation. Juneteenth embodies the resilience of spirit, a testament to our refusal to be bound by the chains of oppression. It’s a day marked not just by historical significance but by the ongoing journey of liberation that reverberates through generations.

Let us use this time not only for reflection on the pains, struggles, and traumas of the past but also as a celebration of the resilience, joy, and lightness we’ve preserved and cultivated. Juneteenth serves as a beacon of hope, a reminder that our collective efforts continue to shape history and propel us towards a future where freedom and justice reign supreme. In this spirit, stand in hope an solidarity with our colleagues at San Diego Black Pride. 

With Pride,

Shane James (they/them/theirs)
Programs Coordinator

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San Diego Black Pride celebrates and honors our marginalized communities daily. We relegate our uniqueness to centering our Unity in Color, Joy, and Black Excellence.

Pride and Juneteenth celebrations not only honor our marginalized communities’ resistance while underscoring a troubling truth about how we show up in society: Historically the United States perpetuates the ongoing exacerbation of racism, transphobia, and queerphobia in the United States.

For most of us, Juneteenth was an annual block party that folks couldn’t wait to happen. Aunties, uncles, papas, and grandmas would cook their favorite food to share with the entire block. We set up the “good” BBQ grill, usually the big ole’ barrel grill. The kids frolicked and played games, and the grown folks had a competitive game of “Bid Wiz. Juneteenth means freedom, love, unity, validation, and more.

It also commemorates General Order No. 3. June 19, 1865—the day all people living in the United States, including the formerly enslaved, were officially granted freedom. We have come a long way but still have so much more to do, especially for our Black queer siblings and families.

SDBP thanks the community for embracing us. We forgive and love those who still do not fully accept us. We are still here; we are not going anywhere, period.

For SDBP, Juneteenth validates our history, freedom, choices, and love of self.

Black Excellence at its finest.

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With gratitude and appreciation,

Your San Diego Black Pride


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