Shape Our Future

Every ten years the nation redraws our electoral districts in response to the Census and changes, growth, and shrinkage in local communities. How districts are drawn has a significant impact on the ability of marginalized communities to be fairly represented and receive equitable outcomes,…

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¡Sí, se puede!

Earlier this year we lost a pillar in our community, Larry T. Baza. Larry first joined our board in 1990 and in 1992 became our organization’s first Latino co-chair. Alongside his new co-chair, Vertez Burks, it was the first time San Diego Pride was led by…

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Be Visible, Feel Seen

When I first began working at Pride in 2011, we were not yet using photos to tell the stories of our organization or community. While we had enjoyed LGBTQ employment protections for some time in the state of California – San Diego has the…

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Missing Queer Music?

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated industries, but perhaps none are as overlooked as our live performance artists and events. All too often, and particularly in times of crisis, arts and entertainment are seen as extra, expendable, and excess. Funding for arts and culture is often the…

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Uplift LGBTQ Youth

It’s back-to-school time. With the pandemic raging on, anxiety levels are high as guardians, educators, and students are each doing their best to adapt to ever changing landscape, get vaccinated, navigate the digital divide, attempt to create and engage in educational experiences that are…

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Action Alert: Don’t Sit This One Out

There’s an often misunderstood thought that nonprofits aren’t allowed to get involved in elections. That assumption is false. Even though, 501c3 nonprofit organizations, like San Diego Pride, are not allowed to be partisan or tell you what candidates to vote for, we can absolutely…

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