July 10 - 18

Have Faith…

Far too many young people hear from their faith leaders that their mere existence is a sin, a moral failure, and eternal damnation awaits them. All too often faith is used as a weapon against LGBTQ people, an excuse to oppress, as a reason…

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Our Pulse

On Sunday, June 12, 2016 (the middle of Pride month) at 7:20 am, I heard my phone vibrating on the nightstand. As my eyes began to focus, I realized it was Dr. Delores Jacobs calling me. My stomach sank as I knew this wasn’t…

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Our 2021 San Diego Pride events are…

As our community, nation, and the world slowly begin to heal from the ongoing devastation, unhealed wounds, and the lives lost from the COVID-19 pandemic each of us is working within our own capacity to move forward. Like anyone who has been injured, things…

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10 years of Pride

10 years ago San Diego Pride hired our first Black Executive Director, Dwayne Crenshaw. That same week Dwayne called me out of the blue and asked me if I would join in his vision to turn San Diego Pride into a year-round education and…

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Have you taken a moment to pause and reflect on everything you have overcome in the last year? You have survived through a pandemic, isolation, fear, a reckoning on racial injustice, unemployment, hospitalization, an insurrection, and the impossibly devastating loss of loved ones counted…

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You can help pass the Equality Act!

The Biden administration has been actively working to protect LGBTQ Americans across the county and around the world. Meanwhile, 33 states have introduced anti-transgender pieces of legislation. We are also awaiting a decision on the Fulton v Philadelphia case, as the Supreme Court will…

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Featured Events

Spirit of the Stonewall Rally

Pride Run 5K: Front Runners & Walkers

Light Up the Cathedral

Pride at the Park


Community events, programs, and fundraisers put on by Pride & other LGBTQ-serving organizations happen all throughout the year!


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