Biden Signs Respect for Marriage Act Into Law

“Today is an inspiring victory for LGBTQ people as our right to marry the person we love is codified into federal law. This moment in our movement was made possible thanks to countless activists, organizers, and everyday people who fought for decades to ensure our LGBTQ families could have the same rights, protections, and responsibilities of marriage as every other American. Today, love has won.

As we have seen throughout US history, LGBTQ people and policies are all too frequently used by far-right extremists to drive voter turnout with hateful tactics and misinformation resulting in dangerous and deadly consequences. This year was no different. 

As a hyper-polarized political climate has continued to divide the Nation, the bipartisan effort to enshrine marriage protections for LGBTQ couples and families should serve as a beacon of hope. A vast majority of Americans, 79%, regardless of party affiliation, believe that LGBTQ people deserve equal protection under the law.

After another deadly year for LGBTQ Americans, which also had the most anti-LGBTQ legislation in our history, this pivottable moment should remind us that there is more that unites us than divides us. That in the wake of hate, love will always rise.”

Fernando Z. López

Executive Director

San Diego Pride


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