Parade Marshal and Safety Co-Coordinator

Elijah A. Cohen-Saperstein Headshot

Elijah Cohen-Saperstein

Pronouns: They/He/Them/Him/Theirs/His


Elijah has been with San Diego Pride since 2015 and has a wealth of experience with various prides around the nation since 2002. Elijah currently serves as the Community Partner Manager for the San Diego Pride Festival.

In addition to their role with San Diego Pride, Elijah works professionally in Law Enforcement as a Public Officer for the State of California. Elijah spent several years serving in the Israeli military and has over 22 years of dedicated service to the State of California as a First Responder Terrorism Liaison and Disaster Services Specialist.

Elijah is a native of San Buenaventura, California and has lived in San Diego for many years now and considers himself a proud San Diegan. Elijah is a graduate from Stanford University with a degree in Clinical Psychology. Elijah is also a proud member of the American Psychological Association where he plays an active advisory role in the Office on Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity.