Shuttles and Transportation Co-Coordinator

Jayzle-May Daley Headshot

Jayzle-May Daley

Pronouns: She/They


Jayzle-May has volunteered with San Diego Pride since 2016. They have been volunteering as the Co-Coordinator for Shuttles and Transportation with Jamie Taylor since 2019.

In addition to their role with San Diego Pride, Jayzle-May supervises a team of interns at Fulfilling Destiny, a local San Diego non-profit that provides free menstrual products to women experiencing houselessness in San Diego. They also teach kindergarten in Las Vegas.

When they are not working, they spend their time volunteering for different organizations across San Diego, including Project Helping and Dreams for Change.

Jayzle-May is a San Diego native currently residing in Las Vegas. They graduated from San Diego State University in 2020 with degrees in Business Administration-Accounting and Women’s Studies. Their passions including serving the community, building lasting relationships, and enjoying the sunshine.