2024 Stonewall Rally Performer

LarissaLarissa Balzer (she/her)

Larissa Balzer, Senior Network Coordinator for the Ocean Sewage Alliance, is a passionate conservationist, leveraging her science communication and marketing expertise to illuminate the interconnectedness of our world through water. She has spent a decade crafting stories that bridge conservation efforts and society. From her years at Keep Oklahoma Beautiful to her tenure at The Nature Conservancy, Larissa’s dedication to environmental stewardship shines through her writing. Recent articles like “Breaking Taboos: The Intersection of Menstrual Hygiene and Sewage Pollution” and “The Ocean is Not a Landfill” exemplify her commitment to fostering awareness.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Larissa has a profound love for music. She finds immense joy in singing and making music with her friends in the San Diego Women’s Chorus (SDWC). This vibrant group, a lesbian-identified and allied feminist family of musicians, nourishes Larissa with a creative outlet and a supportive community. The chorus celebrates diversity, encourages creativity, and inspires social action through its performances. Larissa cherishes the opportunity to blend her passion for music with her commitment to social and environmental causes, making meaningful connections through song.

Larissa lives and works in sunny San Diego, where she enjoys biking around Mission Bay, hoping to see monarch butterflies, and trying to identify all the wildflowers.

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