Champion of Pride Award

Champion of Pride: An individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the LGBTQ community over an extended period of years with consideration to service to San Diego Pride.

Christynne Lili Wrene Wood

Christynne Lili Wrene Wood, born and raised in Springfield, Ohio, is a passionate advocate and community leader. Raised during the transformative Civil Rights Movement, she carries the legacy of her grandparents who marched alongside Dr. King and Ralph Abernathy.

Christynne’s dedication to making “good trouble” is evident through her work as the former Chairwoman of Voter Registration for the East County Democratic Club. She fearlessly addresses local governing bodies, including the Santee City Council and the Santee School Board, championing diversity, transgender inclusion, and civil rights.

Recognized as a distinguished storyteller and keynote speaker, Christynne amplifies marginalized voices, inspiring others to embrace understanding. Her impactful efforts have been acknowledged with the prestigious Bayard Rustin Award for 2023 and the 2023 Harvey Milk Inspiration Award.

Passionate about mentorship, Christynne is currently undergoing training to become a mentor/facilitator for the first LGBTQ youth support group in Lakeside. Her unwavering commitment to empowering others drives her forward.

Christynne’s remarkable journey and dedication to social justice serve as a powerful example. Her tireless efforts towards equality and inclusion inspire us all to create a more inclusive society.

Christynne will be honored at the Spirit of Stonewall Rally on Friday, July 14, 2023. Learn more about the rally and the other awardees here.