Hero of Pride

Dr. Carlton Thomas

Dr. Carlton Thomas is a San Diego based gastroenterologist who started a queer health and queer sex education platform on Instagram and TikTok as @DoctorCarlton. He is Mayo Clinic trained and board certified. During the MPOX outbreak of 2022-23, he used his platform to educate the community about what was really happening with MPOX with LIVES with those affected and helped gather information for the CDC that became part of their treatment protocol for rectal pain associated with MPOX. He posted over 1000 vaccine clinics around the world on his Instagram stories and helped tens of thousands of queer men find vaccines. He was named a member of the 2023 Queerty Pride 50, one of the OUT100 in Out Magazine in 2022, and had feature articles in The Advocate and recently The NY Times. He was also recognized by the White House deputy director for all his contributions. He has traveled the country doing queer sex education seminars across the US. Doctor Carlton is married and has twins who graduate high school this year. He sees himself as the “Gay Doctor Ruth” and hopes to expand his platform in the near future.

Dr. Carlton will be honored at the Spirit of Stonewall Rally on Friday, July 14, 2023. Learn more about the rally and the other awardees here.