Healing and Safer Communities

Reports and Data:

Two large-scale reports analyzing policing data have been conducted in recent years focusing specifically on San Diego County:

  • San Diego Police Scorecard (Campaign Zero and ACLU-SDIC) (December 2019)
    • Campaign Zero, with funding from the ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties, evaluated the policing practices of San Diego Police Department (SDPD) and San Diego Sheriff’s Department (SDSD) using data on police stops, searches, use of force, and arrests obtained through public records requests. Our analysis finds evidence of discriminatory policing by both departments.

Additional publications that summarize and/or analyze data from law enforcement:

  • Voice of San Diego: Unique Year, Familiar Results: Black San Diegans Had Far More Police Encounters (12/29/2020)
    While 2020 shone a harsh spotlight on police killings – the most extreme and irreversible action an officer can carry out – it also illuminated the ways police target Black San Diegans for more minor interactions that can nonetheless have a major impact on their lives. Numerous analyses and data sets gave weight to sentiments Black San Diegans have expressed in public forums and to reporters for years: that they are targeted disproportionately by police.

Community Partners and Organizations:

The following organizations are actively engaged in accountability, transparency, and/or reform of policing in the San Diego region. San Diego Pride is proud to work with these organizations and groups: