Spirit of Stonewall Service Award

Stonewall Service: A group or organization which may or may not identify as LGBTQ but which has stalwartly supported the LGBTQ community over an extended period of years and/or has made an exceptional contribution in the past year.

TransFamily Support Services

TransFamily Support Services (TFSS) is a San Diego-based nonprofit organization that saves lives by shaping a gender affirming community. TFSS is compassionately dedicated to serving transgender/nonbinary youth and their families by empowering them with education, support, resources, and advocacy. TFSS has an extensive history of providing supportive interventions to thousands of transgender/nonbinary youth up to the age of 30 and their families. Since its inception in 2015, TransFamily has impacted the lives of nearly 4,000 transgender, GNB youth and their families. TFSS serves youth and families in all 50 states, with the greatest number of clients residing in California. In 2019 TFSS started a chapter in Alabama to serve trans folks in the South.

TransFamily Support Services will be honored at the Spirit of Stonewall Rally on Friday, July 14, 2023. Learn more about the rally and the other awardees here.