Our 2024 theme is…

Dear Pride Family,

In this election year, we find ourselves in the crosshairs of hate. Our community. Our families. Our children. Our partners and our siblings. Three weeks into 2024, there are 285 active anti-LGBTQIA+ bills in 35 states or territories. The sheer volume of attacks on our community are unprecedented, but the narrative is nothing new. 

History is full of hard fought victories on the shoulders of LGBTQIA past leaders like Harvey Milk, Chris Kehoe, and Leslie Feinberg, revolutionaries like Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, and artists like Stormé DeLarverie, RD Riccoboni, and Frida Kahlo. We have always been here, building, fighting and creating. We don’t have to look far to connect to our history. We are making it now. 

In fact, some architects of our movement are still fighting with us today such as Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, Tracie Jada O’Brien, and Cleve Jones. Other younger activists like Alok Vaid-Menon, Judy Vaughs, and Adrienne Maree Brown are committed to broadening the vision of what the future can be and have committed to moving us forward. 

Like those leaders, we recognize that this moment calls upon us all to do what we can with what we have to build toward more liberation and justice, for ourselves and future generations. That is why we’ve chosen the 2024 theme to be:

Making History Now - San Diego Pride 2024

We believe we can build on the legacy of those who came before while making history as we go. As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first marches in San Diego, we look to honor our past victories, and recommit ourselves to the work ahead. We do this with the understanding that this work has been entrusted to us by the visionaries who have come before. We honor our future by ensuring opportunities for future generations to blaze their own trails and make their own history. 

We invite you to join us in making history this year in whatever way you can.

Every day another LGBTQIA+ person can be their full self without fear is a day we make history. We look forward to making history with you!

With Pride,

Jen LaBarbera (they/them) & Sarafina Scapicchio (she/her)
Interim Co-Executive Directors


About San Diego Pride

San Diego Pride raises funds primarily through festival ticket and beverage sales, and through sponsorships, and exhibitor fees. These funds support San Diego Pride’s community philanthropy which has distributed more than $2.5 million in advancement of its mission to foster pride, equality, and respect for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities locally, nationally, and globally.