Being Alive San Diego HIV/AIDS Services

July 11, 2014
basdlogoWHAT DOES YOUR ORGANIZATION DO? Assists and educates San Diegan’s living with or affected by HIV/AIDS HOW MANY PEOPLE DO YOU SERVE? Over 8,000 annually. WHAT ARE YOUR MAJOR ANNUAL ACTIVITIES? (within the last 12 months) 595 insurance program enrollments to ensure medical care for low income HIV+. 2604 Households provided with free groceries. 899 Complimentary Therapy appointments (Massage, Chiropractic, etc.) for clients experiencing debilitating side effects from long term medication use. 159 households moved to safe, affordable housing, prior to eviction or and/or becoming homeless. 127 HIV+ individuals were assisted with a housing plan, to find affordable housing and over 1,500 additional clients utilized our “Available Housing List” to obtain a better living situation. 608 low-income individuals living with HIV/AIDS received a free haircut from one of Being Alive’s volunteer (licensed) stylists. 4082 tickets were distributed to HIV+, low-income clients – this represents 195 events throughout the year that HIV+ clients and their care-givers were able to attend. This builds a sense of community for the people we serve….many of whom have never before attended a play or concert due to financial hardship. WHEN WAS YOUR ORGANIZATION FOUNDED? 1989 - Being Alive San Diego celebrates 25 years of service to the San Diego community in 2014! HOW MANY YEARS HAS YOUR ORGANIZATION PARTICIPATED IN SAN DIEGO PRIDE? 25! IN WHAT WAYS HAS YOUR ORGANIZATION PARTICIPATED IN SAN DIEGO PRIDE? Parade, Informational Booths, Carnival Games. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION TO PARTICIPATE IN SAN DIEGO PRIDE? Visibility, Community Support. WHAT VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES DO YOU HAVE AVAILABLE? Receptionists, Peer Advocates, Household Movers, Food Pantry Workers, Housing List research, HIV 101 Instructors, Special Events Committees (fundraisers), Janitorial and Handyman (cleaning, painting, etc). HOW ELSE CAN PEOPLE GET INVOLVED WITH YOUR WORK? Come in to Being Alive and fill out a volunteer application! Monday – Thursday 9-5 CONNECT WITH US: Website: Facebook: Being Alive San Diego