North County LGBTQ Resource Center

July 09, 2014
NCLGBTQ  LogoWHAT DOES YOUR ORGANIZATION DO?  Provide services for our LGBT families. HOW MANY PEOPLE DO YOU SERVE? 800 people per month. WHAT ARE YOUR MAJOR ANNUAL ACTIVITIES? Pride @ The beach, DOFL, Gala Event, GSA Awards. WHEN WAS YOUR ORGANIZATION FOUNDED? 2008 HOW MANY YEARS HAS YOUR ORGANIZATION PARTICIPATED IN SAN DIEGO PRIDE? 6 IN WHAT WAYS HAS YOUR ORGANIZATION PARTICIPATED IN SAN DIEGO PRIDE?  Contingent. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION TO PARTICIPATE IN SAN DIEGO PRIDE? To better increase our North County presence and visibility. WHAT VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES DO YOU HAVE AVAILABLE? We have a variety of programs and activities that require constant volunteer support. HOW ELSE CAN PEOPLE GET INVOLVED WITH YOUR WORK? By becoming monthly donors and support the work we do. CONNECT WITH US: Website: Facebook: