South Bay San Diego LGBTQIPA Youth Group

July 08, 2014
SAMEAllianceWHAT DOES YOUR ORGANIZATION DO? The youth group will be where youth will gather to participate in activities that reflect their needs, such as art, community organizing, performance, leadership development, game nights, community education, peer support, and job readiness preparation. Activities will always be youth-centered, and free of cost to participants. HOW MANY PEOPLE DO YOU SERVE? Our organization is open to all our LGBT youth ages 13 to 24. WHAT ARE YOUR MAJOR ANNUAL ACTIVITIES? We hope to have the youth themselves decide what they would like to have as activities. Adult volunteers can and will serve as guides to what ideas are feasible. Hosting/co-hosting film screenings, presentations for art or careers possibly volunteer with South Bay Pride Events, We are hoping to make our first event a transgender/gender choice affirming “drag show” this year. WHEN WAS YOUR ORGANIZATION FOUNDED? October, 2013 HOW MANY YEARS HAS YOUR ORGANIZATION PARTICIPATED IN SAN DIEGO PRIDE? We are a new organization and we have just begun to network to other organizations. We hope to work with SD Pride soon. IN WHAT WAYS HAS YOUR ORGANIZATION PARTICIPATED IN SAN DIEGO PRIDE? We were honored to have received start-up funds from a donation given to us by SD Pride. We are very grateful for this. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION TO PARTICIPATE IN SAN DIEGO PRIDE? We believe that as an organization whose members will be the youth of the South Bay area, participating in future events like the parades and or forums, makes the point of diversity. Be it diversity of color, of culture or of age. WHAT VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES DO YOU HAVE AVAILABLE? Our organization is open to all our LGBT youth ages 13 to 24. We always seek adult volunteers for planning and set up of forums film screenings, presentations along side the youth and fund raising events as they happen. HOW ELSE CAN PEOPLE GET INVOLVED WITH YOUR WORK? We ask volunteers who want to get involved, get more information, or to help us fund the program, please contact the director and co-coordinator, Kelly Hutton, first on Facebook at, or via e-mail at [email protected] CONNECT WITH US: Facebook: